About AR North America

IndustrialPartFinder.com is proud to be a distributor of AR North America products.

AR North America, founded in 1989, is the North American Pumps Division of Annovi Reverberi S.p.A., Italy, a world leader in High Pressure Plunger Pump Manufacturing, Portable Electric Pressure Washers, High Performance Accessory Components and Other Related Accessories for Pressure Washing, Car Wash, Sewer Cleaning, Reverse Osmosis/Desalination and other markets where high pressure water plunger pumps and the related accessories are utilized.

The Company's success is based on its commitment to technical excellence, unparalleled customer service, world-class manufacturing and distribution. The internal structure of AR North America is characterized by responsiveness in meeting client needs. Being a private family run business dictates that our allegiance to our clients' success is first and foremost.

Thanks to significant investments, A.R. North America, Inc. has been able to equip our factory with modern testing equipment, putting us in a position to guarantee high standards of quality and safety.

Working with IndustrialPartFinder.com and AR North America, Inc. means you benefit from the combined wealth of experience that only a true market leader can bring to bear in answering your needs.

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