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The AR North America RMW2.2G24D-EZ-SX features a 7/8" hollow shaft, operates at 3400 RPM, and has a max PSI of 2400. Thermal Relief Valve included at no charge. This pump comes equipped with an Easy Start Valve that eases internal pump pressures that can make cold starts with gasoline engines difficult. The ports on this pump are also rotated 180 degrees from standard. Manifold is made from precision die cast aluminum.
Max Flow (in GPM): 2.2
Max Flow (in L/Min): 8.3
Max Pressure (in PSI): 2400
Max Bar: 166
Power EBHP: 3.6
Bore Dia: 12mm
Stroke: 8.3mm
Crankshaft ID Stamp: 5
Pump Speed (in RPM): 3400
Shaft Diameter: 7/8" hollow

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Thermal Relief Valve?
A thermal relief valve protects your pump from overheated water. When you are using your pressure washer, the water running through the pump cools it down. When you release the trigger on the spray gun, there is no new water running through the pump and that water will heat up. If that water gets to 140 degrees F, the thermal relief valve will dump out the water in the pump; helping to save it from damage.

Do I need a thermal relief valve?
It is highly recommended. We offer it as an option simply because some people would rather take the thermal relief valve off their old pump and install it on the new one.

What is a key or keystock? Do I need that?
The key is a small piece of metal that fits into a slot on both the pump and the engine shaft that the pump mounts to. It's purpose is to protect the engine; the key will break if the pump suddenly seizes, sparing the engine from damage.

Take off the old pump, if the key is fastened to the old pump then you will need a key. If the key is a stand-alone piece of metal, then you will not need one. If the new pump is the same make and model as the old pump, then you will not need a key.

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Special Note: Use AR64545 Oil. Do NOT change oil. Use oil only to add if low. This oil is a specially formulated synthetic with special additives for the demands of this pump. No other oil is factory approved for these pumps, and could result in pump failure.

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