Pressure Washer Pump: Repair It or Replace it?

So, your pressure washer pump is broken. What do you do now?

Your first decision is do I repair it or replace it?

Replace It
1. Saves time: install the pump and you are off
2. No more repairs for a few years: it’s new, so it should last
3. Old pump can be used for parts: put the old pump on a shelf; use it for parts when the new pump has problems

1. Costs more, lots more: a new pump cost way more than parts
2. Still a time commitment: remember, you still have to transfer the hose connections, add oil, and other jobs before you are ready to use the washer again

Repair It
1. Save money: parts are way cheaper than a new pump
2. Investment in the future: hey you just learned to repair a pump! You’ll know what to do if it happens again

1. Takes time: it will take time to figure out what is wrong
2. No guarantee: you may make the repair, but it may not have been the issue with the pump. Now you have to spend more time figuring it out.

Once you figure out to repair or replace the pump, let us know. We can help.

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