Pump Repair: Yes You Can!

If your pressure washer pump is not performing as it should, don’t be afraid of repairing it.

First off, if it’s not working you can’t make it worse! Right? So don’t worry about that.

Second, most decent pressure washer pumps are made to be repaired. Parts are available and there is usually easy access to the working parts of the pumps. Now, notice I said ‘decent pressure washer pumps’. The cheaper the pump (or pressure washer) the less likely that parts are available or that the pump can even be repaired. Look for brands on the pump [Annovi Reverberi (AR), CAT Pumps, General Pumps], those are easy to find parts for and repair. There are cheap gas powered pumps that are better off being replaced (Devilbiss comes to mind, or any no name pump). Sames goes for electric pumps, but they are even more sketchy at the cheaper prices.

Third, there are only so many things that can go wrong on one of these pumps. They aren’t that complex. So don’t get overwhelmed. It’s not bad.

So much for the inspirational talk. Let’s get to work on those pumps!

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