Pump Repair: Primary Diagnosis

So, your pressure washer pump is not working right and you’ve decided to fix it. Awesome! Let’s talk about how to diagnose the issue.

First, note exactly what is happening. I’m going to guess that you’ve lost pressure. But how much? Is it a partial loss (still have some pressure),total loss (same as if there was no pump), or a complete loss of water flow (no water at all is coming out of the spray gun).

So how do you figure that out? Crank up the pressure washer and pull the trigger. Note the water flow. Now turn off the engine and pull the trigger. What is the difference? If there is no difference, there is a complete loss of pressure from the pump. If there is a difference, then you only have a partial loss.

Why is this important? Well, these different scenarios mean different things are wrong with the pump. We will get into each one in future posts.

Now, you may also note other things wrong. Maybe there are some funny noises, vibrations, pulses, or the like going on. That will indicate other issues as well.

We will try to cover those things in the future. But for now, give us a call if you have questions.

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