Pump Repair: Partial Pressure Loss

So, from the post Pump Repair: Primary Diagnosis you have determined that you have a partial loss of pressure in your pressure washer. This means the pump is basically working, just losing some pressure somewhere. So we need to find it.

Try this checklist:
1.) Is there a leak in the pump?
Look for drips or sprays.
Check the pump oil, is water getting in there?
If you find one of these, a water seal is most likely damaged. Check the location of the leak and compare to the parts breakdown diagram of your pump.

2.) If you don’t find a leak, the valves are the most likely culprit. Check the parts breakdown for getting access to your valves. Then examine them. Basically, valves have only a few parts: a base, a cage over the top of the base, a spring, and a popit that closes the hole in the base. Examine looking for breaks or debris.

That’s about it for partial pressure loss. There may be some other issues you find, but these are the main culprits that cause the vast majority of pressure issues.

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